Auto delete not available in the organization

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In Seafile it is possible that the content of a library is automatically deleted after for example 30 days. Unfortunately, this does not work if a library is created in an organization area by the admin, then this setting option is completely missing.

This means that today a user must create such a library in his profile, set the automatic deletion function and then share it with the organization group.

Can this please be made available directly in the organization area of the library?

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We will look into the issue.


Which version of Seafile are you using?

Can you capture some screenshots or provide steps to reproduce the issue? I couldn’t replicate the problem on our demo site (

You can also use the following login credentials to access our demo site and test it:

System Admin
password: foo

Organization Admin
password: lian-org

We use SeaFile Pro 10.0.9

  1. I have registered as an organizer-administrator “”.
  2. i have created a new section called “Development” in the organization administration.
  3. in it, I created a library named “Python” and added two users as area administrators.

  1. the created library named Python does not have the option of automatic deletion in the settings.

Thanks for the detailed steps, we will fix this issue.

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thank you