"Auto start Seafile after login"-option does not get saved


I recently installed Seafile on my MacBook (macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4) and noticed, that Seafile did not start automatically on login. I checked the checkbox at Menubar -> Seafile -> Setting -> Auto start Seafile after login, but had to notice that Seafile still didn’t start after a restart of my MacBook. A second look into the settings showed that the checkbox “Auto start Seafile after login”, was unchecked again.
How can I approach this problem? Maybe Seafile doesn’t have enough rights to write it’s own config file or something?

Thank you for your help!

See my answer to your German post: "Auto start Seafile after login"-option wird nicht gespeichert

Is there an answer for non German speaking persons as well ?

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There is no answer.

Sorry to read that…
Well, maybe if there is no solution it means that there is no problem :grinning:
There is no spoon… :spoon:

OK let’s put the jokes aside.
@daniel.pan Is there a plan to make Seafile Desktop Client start automatically with Mac OS Catalina ?

In Mac, you just don’t shutdown your computer.

To open applications automatically after starting the mac, it should be sufficient to select the item Users and Groups in the System Preferences and add the Seafile Client under Login Objects (in german Anmeldeobjekte)

Nice and easy workaround, thanks !

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