Auto sync disabled on Android App and wont enable

I host my own server on windows. I’m testing out the application to see if I can replace dropbox.

The server runs fine and the windows client runs well also.

I have set the Android app to auto sync my pictures and it’s not automatically syncing them.

I have set it up to auto decide what folder and I have set it up to specific folders, neither does it automatically.

I checked the account on my Android under Accounts - Seafile and it shows Sync turned off. I have no option to enable it. When I click on Seafile it shows last synced yesterday. When I click it to sync now, nothing happens.

I am on an Android S7 Edge.

Any suggestions?

I’m having the same issue, sync on android is disabled, and it is not possible to turn on. Everything else works fine. Server is running on Raspberry Pi 2.