Auto Upload Camera Photos - delete from phone?

I have Auto Upload enabled from my phone to automatically upload camera photos to Seafile, and this all works fine.

However, I’m curious, if I delete the photos from my phone, will it also delete it from Seafile? If so, how do I avoid this? I want to free up space on my phone.

I posted a very similar question a few months back and had no replies. As far as I know there is no user documentation for the phone apps (I have looked).

It would appear from testing the IOs app that deleting on the phone does not delete on the server. This is different to the behaviour on a laptop or desktop when deleting a file is replicated on the server. The more I thought about it this is the behaviour a user would normally want on a phone.

One other thought; there are settings on the server for the amount of retained history of deleted files. You might want to check your settings but usually even deleted files can be recovered for a period. I have it set to never permanently delete. That way you can recover earlier versions of modified files.

If you are worried and depending on your settings you should be able to recover any phone photos that get deleted if your experience is different to mine

Photos on Seafile server will be deleted only if you delete them from within Seafile phone App, and not from phone gallery.

At least Seafile on Android works that way.

hello yes pleas add such a feature
for automatic delete in phone after i set the option

That is great. I am looking for seafile on android to upload all pictures from folders I point it to.

Makes total sense that deleting via seafile app deletes them from the server as usually after the upload has happened you might need more space and delete them from the gallery.

But what happens if you delete a picture from the library via a desktop seafiel client or from the web client?
This is very likely as I won’t keep every picture. Say I snap 5 pictures, all 5 are uploaded and from my desktop client I select to keep 1 and delete the other 4 - will they be deleted from the phone too?