Auto-Uploading of Photos from iOS Results in Corrupted Files

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This problem occurs with files from 2.4MB.
I can confirm en reproduce this issue on different iPhones. (iPhone SE / 7 / 6s)


I still can’t reproduce the problem with the latest client and server 6.1.2 via uploading to an encrypted library. Have you turned on local encryption/decryption?

Local decryption is required to use the functionality, it is enabled.

Please sync more than 15 pictures with different formats and sizes (JPG in my case) from a Apple iOS device.
(Current server version: Community 6.1.2 Client: 2.6.6)

Please use the Windows Client or Webclient to check the corruption after this.

Thanks for reporting this, I had this on my todo list too. I noticed the same problem, just counted the files: 34 out of 95 are corrupted. How how we help to debug that?

Edit: I’m on Server 6.1.2 and iOS app version: 2.6.6, auto uploading to encrypted library, local decryption enabled, corruption still happening.

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It also occurs with a new installation on CentOS 7 or ubuntu.

I see this as a minor problem because users also have problems here with the encrypted libraries.

YAY - I don‘t have this problem anymore with iOS app 2.6.10 (running seafile server CE 6.2.2).

What about you @TomvB @Simsala?

Great to hear, till now all looks good so far.

Can confirm this.