Automatic photo upload on android for new albums not possible


i observed that the android client is not uploading photos which are taken and sorted into albums while the phone is offline or not connected to wlan. This seems to be quite a limitation for users that sort their photos on the smartphone itself.

Is there a way to tell the app to simply upload everything in /DCIM and /Pictures including subfolders?
One-way sync would be sufficient for me because i only want to ensure everything is backed up for these users.

Here is how this can reproduced:

  1. Phone not in wlan and (sync only enabled while connected to wlan)
  2. take photos
  3. sort them into albums through the gallery app, which puts them under Pictures/MyNewAlbum
  4. connect to wlan
    It will then only upload the photos under the Camera folder in android, but not those that have been moved to a new album while offline.

As the album is new it can not be manually selected, the automatic discovery is also not picking it up. Adding the Picures root folder as album manually is also not working because subfolders are ommited.