Automatic Server Update

Hi there, I am planning to use Seafile on my raspi (running raspian) and expose it to the internet via port forwarding on my router. From the documentation I learned that Seafile is installed using a script on the command line and the same happens with upgrades.
I would like to leave my raspi unattended and let it install OS and other updates automatically. I’m not concerned that an update might break something, I’m more concerned of having the raspi exposed to the internet and missing critical security fixes.
Is there a procedure to let seafile automatically check for updates and install them? This would be my preferred method, because I might be travelling without being able to shut down the raspi in case there are pending security fixes which require manual installation.
Or do I need to do all updates manually? And if so, is there a mail distribution list I could sign on to to be notified about security fixes and new versions? I’ve searched for that but might have overlooked it.
Thanks very much!

I think you need to do the updates manually. Updates are available via rss feed at Announcement - Seafile Community Forum
You could get news via email signing up for the feed at

Thanks very much shoeper, automatic updates would be preferred, but I’ll sign up for the feed and give it a try :slight_smile: