- Back to Backup -


i realised some problems on my server.

I’m using the seafile server on a pi - minibian.
I tried to update minibian from Jessie to Stretch. It was working through just some problems with VPN… All right.
I can’t fix the VPN Problem right now so i decided to use my backup. Actually i used another sd card for the update test. I just switched the sd card.
Between the 2 Hours i made a photo. This morning i realised it isn’t uploaded, specially this photo. Other photos are uploading fine which i did a couple of min ago.
I reconnect the client and went through the settings again of the client. I kicked the client of the devices list of the admin settings etc. Still not uploading.

The thing is, i’m doing a backup every Monday. What happen if i crash the server on a Friday and move back to the Monday backup. And between the Monday backup i do some photos, videos, documents, etc. and is uploading until the Friday - Crash day. It should be still on the server right? Even if i go back on my Monday - Backup?
I never had problems like this before. Just when i moved to 6.1.0. Or i had it and i’m missing now a lot of files :smiley:
Just would like to know what is happening with the files?
They are should be on the hard drive, right?

I just realised when i switched the sd card the seafile server was running on this sd card. I’m pretty sure it uploaded the photo. Which means it is on my server/ hard drive. But why is it not listed?!

Seems to be i have to backup my system every day. If something happen i wouldn’t lose so many files o_O

Hmm, any ideas? Is it just normal?