Backup Restore from older version

  • How to identify a Seafile Server installd version?
    (web-ui only show ‘community edition’; and I could not exactly locate it in the server files).

  • What exactly needs to be backed up from a server install to be able to fully replicate the server?

  • MySQL dump of ccnet-db, seafile-db and seahub-db
  • seafile-data folder (that has the subfolders: commits, fs, storage,…)
  • Any extra config files?

- What is the recommended procedure for installing a new server from scratch and moving the data from a older install (older server version)?

I suppose that when the new install takes place some DB parameters will not be exactly the same, so just import/overwrite it may break something. Probably the same with the config file (although this one can me manually inserted in the new format)

I read the manual upgrade instructions and others topics about backups, but the process is not yet clear for me and I don’t want to disrupt the service.

Thank you