[BACKUP] Saving seafile config/users/groups/permissions (without seafile-data)


We would like to adapt our backup strategy.
We use Pro version with around 1 To data files.

We already backup files to external storage using seadrive client and sync it to a local partition. So we have all files in “plain text/ readable” mode already.

We recently reinstall a seafile fresh server with two partition

  • One for system and seadrives folders (except seafile-data)
  • One for seafile-data.
    We reinject all the files but it was quite painful because we had to recreate all users, groups and permissions and configuration.

On the new server we would like to save all users group and basic configuration.
So we start to create some VM snapshot of system partition (save all files except seafile-data folder)

It is a nonsense? In case of trouble, can we reinject the groups / users permissions / library (just the tree without data) / without having the data stored in seafile-data folder?

In my vision if i have any issue with my server i would like to :

  • restore VM at a previous point (system + seafiles folders except seafile-data)
  • recreate an empty 1TO disk size and mount it.
  • Create the folder seafile-data wich will be populated when we will restore the files manually with a seadrive client.

It is possible or do you see another way to just save the group / library and persmissions and reinject them later?