Backup solution for Seafile on virtual server


I’m hosting Seafile CE on a virtual server in the internet. Today I have 5 GB data in my Seafile installation. I think this will grow in the next time.

Now I’m not sure how to backup the Seafile installation. I have a NAS at home. Maybe this could be useful. I could create an archive file every day and transfer it to my NAS. But copying 10 GB or more every day isn’t a good solution, I think. The disadvantage of using RSYNC is that I have only one backup.

Is there a better solution or tool? How do you backup your Seafile installation if it isn’t hostet at home?


Can’t you install the linux commandlineclient on your nas and sync?
So you have only the diffs.


I’m using duplicity. On the first of every month a complete backup is done, then all other days incremental backups. I’m keeping 2 sets.

At the moment my Backup Server is in the same Datacenter. But soon i’l get an external backup hosting (need >2tb backup space, which isn’t easy to get in germany for an “Normal” price).

For pro Edition:

Also you could make a snapshot/Backup from the vps Image.
Or use a Backup solution from your vps Provider