Backup solution for Seafile Pro on VPS + S3 as a storage


I have decided that I need a backup solution for my VPS (Hetzner is provider of my choice). Most of the data managed is contained on the same drive as OS, so I chose Hetzner’s backup service (it backups the whole server’s instance for 20% of the server’s price). The question here is how should I backup my data, that is stored in S3 (Scaleway)? I have no experience with this type of storage, so I would love to see examples of backuping this source.

I want to mention that I own 1TB of OneDrive, so Duplicati (also as Docker container) can be an option here.

And I wanted to ask if let’s say my Seafile’s instance would get corrupted, after restore the database would normally read the S3 backend? Or I would have to do some additional steps?