Bad Access Token

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with self-hosted Seafile, when i upload my videos on my server and share the link with my circle of friends after 3 plays or 10/15 minutes the file no longer plays online i get “BAD ACCESS TOKEN” error.

i tried with different browsers and networks and always after upload, the video will play for 3/4 times or after 15 minutes it does not play it gives that error. How do i disable that or remove the function of tokens from my URL?


We just have the same issue with a shared video (seafile pro 7.0.10 cluster) Any solution for that?


I found out, that the user used a temporary link by right-clicking on the video. When this link is deleted on the seafile server, the message “Bad access token” appears on his web page.

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You can share a file and append ?raw=1 (or ?dl=1) and it should work.