'Bad request' after 'checking server info' syncing library

I only recently moved from my Linux server to Windows and well, I probably should’ve taken a closer look at Seafile under Windows Server because it is considered buggy as hell, and the support within this forums is poor because most people using Linux, however, this doesn’t come into question right now. Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade to Pro edition under Windows either, which I find poor, too. But that all ain’t the problem:

I got Seafile working, the web interface lets me upload things, create libraries, folders and so on. All cool so far, however, when it comes to desktop client syncing, problems arise. I chose a folder to sync my library and inside the Seafile client, right beneath the library’s name, it first says ‘checking server info…’ and right after it says ‘bad request’ and that’s it. None of my files are synced, none of the logs reveal an explicit error. What the heck?

Anyone else encountered this problem?

Am getting the exact same issue. Did you manage to fix this?