Baremetal or VM?

I’m currently running Seafile on a VM, Hyper-V VM with Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS.
I’m using Windows Server because well I don’t know I’m working it all days maybe that, but I have no issue with Ubuntu either or Debian.

So what’s the best way to run it? Bare metal or Hyper-V VM? I kind of like the I can easy just backup the hole VHDX and every night and then restore it very easy also.

My server:
Xeon E3-1265l v2

We are 5 users on it right now. I have dedicated 8GB of RAM to my Seafile VM and also I have allowed it to use the hole CPU so I guess that the only downside is the “power” that Windows Server are using I guess.

Check out Proxmox. Backup feature is build in.
Less overhead and better utilization of your resources.