Best practice regarding size of libraries

Hi everyone,
are there any best practices or official statements regarding the size or number of files inside a library?

We actually have some “strange behavior” with a bigger library (~250k files and about 630GB) regarding sync delays with seafile client.

Thanks in advance.

cough cough

An answer like “no there is no documentation, statement or best practice” would also be an answer…

The maximum of number of files inside a single library should be 100K. The file size of the library is not limited.

This is because the client need to load the list of files into the memory for processing.

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I think I will exceed 100,000 files in a department library.

Is there the same problem with using seadrive?

In the future I would like to use your option of “Fine-Grain Folder permissions: invisible”

Why is this not mentioned in the manual? Or is it?

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I assume the guys are busy with 7.0 release in the next 1-2 months and I hope they will update the Documentation and add a chapter about “best practices”

See also my other Thread that I started about “best practices”

Let’s all discuss what is best and propose the outcome to be integrated in the official Documentation.