Better UI, Better Mobile Text Editing with Firefox

I tested the official Seafile demo (7.0.2) with my mobile (Android 8.1) and Firefox. The UI is not very mobile friendly. The menu is covering all the screen. Clicking on any menu item does not give any result. When writing a Markdown document, letters or whole words are duplicated.

There is a warning, though, one is supposed to use Chrome. But as a good Open Source product, shouldn’t Seafile be cross-browser compatible and not be tied to a specific browser?

(Other than that I am a happy Seafile user. Keep up the good work!)

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Most features work well in Firefox, but Firefox has a UI problem when in editing table that not fixable. We will improve mobile editing in 7.1. And we also test the latest version of Firefox again when we release 7.1.


Thanks, good to hear!