Big Sur Style logo on macOS

In Big Sur icons in the menubar are white (not black as they used to be in previous OS X versions). Neither SeaDrive nor SeaFile reflect this (see the attached screenshot).

Please update the logos for Big Sur to reflect this.

Thank you very much

After playing a little bit with the menubar, I understand better what is happening. Hence, my request above is not completely accurate:

  • According to your git repository ( both black and white icons exist. The strange result on my screen is the consequence of Big Sur adapting the icon color to the background image (e.g. That is, while the color is wrong on the screen shot above, it is correct if I use another wallpaper (both white or black). Please ensure that the correct icons are used depending on the wallpaper.
  • The size of the icons differs from previous OS X versions or Bug Sur icons have a transparent border of 1 to 2 pixels on either side (I could not find the corresponding documentation). In consequence the icons in the current version of SeaFile and SeaDrive look “wrong” compared to other icons, even if the color is correct. Could you please fix that?

Thank you very much!


After some more research on the coloring: As the dark mode flag does not work anymore (used in your code here:, the “effective appearance” of an button needs to be used (see here:


We’ll look into the issue. Thank you!

@Jonathan Are there any news about this?

We did some research, but we didn’t made this work. So it’s not done yet.

2023 and still no update.

It’s working perfectly fine for other apps (e.g., Cisco AnyConnect, FTP Mounter, …).

If you can’t make it work automatically, please give us a switch in settings to configure manually which icon to use.

This will be fixed in Seafile 9.0.5 and SeaDrive 3.0.8.

In the new version for the new icon, the sync status color and the application icon are the same color, resulting in difficulty to distinguish the status.

This will be improved in the next version.