Bitdefender (AV) claims to find a Virus in Seafile Working Folder

Dear Community,

I have all my Seafile Libraries on Drive D:\ (my big HDD)
My Seafile Folder ist on Drive F:\ (a spare SSD)

I noticed that my BitDefender found malware in:
a couple of days ago. (unfortnately Bitdefender doesn’t pop up with the message instantly)

I mean as drive F:\ is only used for deviding my files into small blocks before upload it doesn’t make sense that is finds a malware…
Maybe some constelation of block-seperation created a block of code that looks bad to BItdefender.

As I don’t want Bitdefender to messup in Seafiles WorkingProcess I would like to exclude F:\Seafile from Bitdefender LiveScan but therefor make regular scans on D: where all the main Data is lying.

What to you think ?

I remember only one issue with Seafile library replication a few days ago and that was when I tried to sync a folder with VMs from VMWare Workstation. Seafile didn’t like the folder but now I think that it was not Seafile but it was Bitdefender blocking the blocks that seafile had writting of theses VMs.
I question my self if bitdefender would find anything when I scan the VMs folder on my PC or not. I will try.

Search for “Why antivirus is bad for security and you’ll find more”, there were several big issues in AV solutions detected, so everything is true.

Most likely Bit Defender works as shitty as most AV products (add attack surface e.g. RCE vulns, only find viruses being weeks old, wasting tons of CPU time for all file related actions).

Nevertheless after disabling live scanning of the seafilefolder I was able to sync the library with the VMs. I did a entire scan an all was fine. Don’t know what bit defender has for a problem with those VMs but i don’t care as these are just testing Machines and are isolated from the host. The most anoying point about any modern avoid scanner is ssl interception. It like hey we need to encrypt data and then it’s like hey we need to decrypt that data because it could be malicious.
What a bummer.