Broken images in Data-folder [SOLVED]

i have some strange problem with pictures,some of the pictures are broken but not all.
This happens to me with 6.0.9 for Raspberry Pi and 6.1.0 (Beta) for Raspberry Pi.

The problem is,as long as i use the browser or client all looks good,but if i go to my data folder and look at a picture it is broken!? Also the size is wrong,the broken picture has 1mb less than the orginal.

Here is a picture downloaded from the browser:

It is ok, and now the same picture downloaded with ftp from the data-folder(or direct on rpi):

my system:
rpi 2b
Data storage is on a 8gb sd-card on a usb adapter
Seafile 6.0.9 for Raspberry Pi

the logs are god,no errors,i have installed Seafile several times but always with the same result.

Can someone help me please to fix this problem?

Help me pls

Data folder? Seafile does stores files as blocks. One file can be multiple blocks. You cannot directly access the files in the data folder.


i see that all is in block…and what you say may explain my problem.
but this also means tha seafile server is needet to acces the files.
but what happens if the os has an error, so i cant acces my data without a seafile server!??

and why are you the only person who knows this!??

Please have a look at:

You should do Backups of your data folder, database and additional the seafile server software, so you can recover everything without problems.

ok thank you verry much,now i know what to do :slight_smile:

Data of unencrypted libraries can be exported using the seaf-fsck script.

Furthermore all data being synchronized with at least one client is also directly on that client(s).

thanks for this hint !