Buffering large videos via shared link?

First off, thank you for Seafile! I’ve only been using it for a few months but I’m loving it.

There is one issue I am running into though that I believe might need to be solved outside of Seafile itself. I am using shared links to share photos and videos with others but am running into an issue when sharing larger videos, say over 20mb. The people I send the link to can see the video but it typically only plays a second or so before it stops, re-buffers and then starts again. This happens during the whole video so it’s fairly painful for the viewers to watch.

I have Seafile running behind Caddy which I don’t believe has any ability to “pre-buffer” the data that is being sent. Is there a way to solve this within Seafile itself? Has anyone else run into a similar issue and solved it another way?


The problem does not come from the video, but from the internet bandwidth.
You can have a 100 mb video that lasts 30 minutes and works.
And a 20 mb video that lasts 30 seconds and that does not work.
Seafile does not encode video stream before sending. So everything will depend on the bandwidth you have in upload, and also the bandwidth that the person has in receiving.
if it is insufficient on the server side or client side, the video will not be continuous