Bug Commenting on Video or Picuture in sidebar doesnt work


Commenting on picutre or video in side bar doesnt work.


I encounter the same problem in Seafile CE.

I CANNOT confirm the same issue for Seafile PE 7.0.4 - neither for videos nor pictures. As my screenshot shows on the right, I could comme a GIF file. I could do the same for JPG, PNG, …

Actually, I have to revise my above post.

File commenting in general (not exclusively image/video files) does not work in subfolders. It only works in a library’s root.

Seafile CE and PE are affected. I tested in CE 7.0.2 and PE 7.0.4.

@aca: Please confirm that you can comment the very files you could not comment once you copied them in the library’s root.

This is a doc file in a library root, I could make a comment.

Picture in the library root, can comment

Just as you said in a subdirectory i cant make comments

I can comment only if i open a picture in a new tab