[bug] files get locked when computer is shutdown improperly

using PRO version, all computers on network have randomly auto-locked files for 12 hours (and can’t unlock) and this persists through server reboot. when trying to unlock, get error “failed to lock file: server error”

  1. is there a solution for this? process to follow or something? please advise as this is a major problem and hampers significant work

  2. is there a way to change the auto-unlock duration?

ALSO, no files are locking at all

As your problem is - quite obviously - no general problem with Seafile, it would have been helpful if you had decided to tell us a bit more about your specific setup. You didn’t even care to mention the client you use, what files get locked (all, just Office,…) or where the files get locked (client side - like by a rogue online editor - or client side).

Lacking more pertinent info, all I can provide are some general statements.

In a first step, I suggest you disable/uninstall your AV solution.
Secondly, you can change the “File Lock Auto Expire Time” (here is how you do it)
Thirdly, Seafile Sync as well as Drive client log quite a good amount - have a look at the log files