[Bug][iOS] Autoupload don't work with iOS 11.2

I did update my iPhone 7 to the newest update of iOS that was released today.
And now autoupload don’t work anymore from Seafile app.

I have found the issue, if you take a look in the Privacy -> Location Services the Seafile app are not there so I can’t turn on GPS.
I have tried to uninstall and then install the Seafile app again but it don’t help so I guess it’s a bug.
This is for a new installed Seafile App I don’t know if the bug are still there if you have the app already installed before you update iOS.

6 days and now replay hmm…

@daniel.pan @lian

I have tried to wipe the phone a install everything agian but that don’t work either same issue.
I can’t turn on autoupload but I assume that’s becaue Seafile app are not under GPS (Privacy -> Location Service) anymore for some strange reason.