[Bug] iOS Share Integration from Notes app

Trying to send documents scanned into the iOS 12 Notes app to Seafile, but Seafile acts like it doesn’t know what to do.

Steps taken

  1. Open Notes app, scan in a document
  2. Click Share and Create PDF (behavior is the same whether or not you create PDF)
  3. Click Share and choose “Copy to Seafile”
  4. Authenticate Seafile

Expected Behavior
5. Choose location to place the PDF file

Actual Behavior
5. Seafile opens, and simply browses my Libraries - no option is present to place the file, or upload it

Just tested this again but chose “Seafile Pro” in the share menu… which apparently is different than “Copy to Seafile” and it worked.

So apparently “Copy to Seafile” in the iOS Share menu is what doesn’t work.

Can confirm this under iOS 12.