Bug: Last folder not visible (Android)

I have a seafile library that contains multiple subfolders. On an Android device I want to upload a file to the bottommost folder. Therefor I selected the file in the Android file browser, pressed “share” and selected seafile. Then I selected the library scrolled down and tried to select the folder, but it is hidden behind the “Cancel” and “OK” Buttons.

I came here explicitly to report this bug as well. It is very annoying because my most used folder for saving files from my smartphone into my online Seafile library is the last in alphabetical order, so there is no way to access it (also, the interface does not allow to change the sorting order in this situation). I hope it can be fixed soon!
I am using Seafile 2.1.11 on Android 7.0 on a Huawei P9. Thanks!