Bug? Password protection on links not enforced

I have created a “Share”-Link and set a password for it. But who ever gets hold of the link is never prompted for the password. I double checked on other browsers, computers, in private mode, … but the password prompt never shows up.

Obviously this shouldn’t happen. I am self-hosting Version : 6.1.0-3 with an nginx-server in front.

Hi @MarcusRiemer it is your version 6.1.0? I have checked this with 6.1.1 and Seafile asks for Password:

Check then that you have updated Pillow to 4.1.1

pip list --format=columns | grep -i pillow

BTW I realized taht your share link is not so long that it should be. Check the Seafile ChangeLog to see in which release the shared link longitude was increased.

Check here for further infos

Wow, thanks for questioning the version. I am running my server on Arch as described in the wiki but obviously missed to update Seahub. Under these circumstances I am somewhat impressed that the whole setup still ran, after all this was an error on my end. So I now also updated Seahub from 6.0 to 6.1 (and ran the required migration) and the share links are indeed longer (and passwords are asked).

The “old” shorter links though still don’t ask for any passwords at all. I can work around this as the server is only used by a few family members, but this still strikes me as troublesome. I suspect that all links that were created while I ran the mismatched versions are “tainted” this way but have no way to find out for sure.