[Bug] PDF files are not shown anymore on IOS10 in the Seafile App


I’ve got a serious issue on all of our IDevices. Since the update to IOS10 no PDF’s are shown in the client.

When I open any file in the client, even small 1-page-PDFs, the file is downloaded but only a blank page is shown. That happens on IPhone as well as on IPad.

Is there a fix on the way?

Can you repost the issue on GitHub?

I added the bug to github #132

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Thank you, @moetiker. Sorry for my late reaction, had some workload :wink:

I can’t open .doc files either you have that issue? Gif files aren’t animated either.

A new fixed version is uploaded to App Store. It will be available in a few weeks.

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@daniel.pan: WEEKS? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Thanks, Daniel!

@jacotec: it completely depends on how fast apple proceeds with releasing the uploaded version. As far as I know there is nothing Seafile Ltd. could do to speed up the process after they uploaded it to the app-store.

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Yeah, I know the procedure … but that’s not weeks. I was just a bit shocked. If it’s uploaded for review we should see it in 3-4 days if Apple has no complaints :wink:

Sometimes it takes longer. Fortunately it is not for this release. The new version is available now.


Thanks a lot. With the new version the documents are properly displayed again.

Awesome fixing speed. Thanks a ton, Daniel!