[Bug] Two users, same machine, same server, same library name

I think I discovered a bug in Seafile Client Windows 6.1.7 (probably present in early versions).

It happens when seafile client is started on a PC with two (or more?) users and both are logged in, they point to the same seafile server, and they both have a library with same name. The two libraries are different, but they just have same name.
When both users are logged in the same pc, and the client of user1 tries to sync that library, it occasionally tries to sync the one from user2, failing. Luckly it fails and doesn’t mess up things, but thats a strange behaviour.

I discover this strange thinkg because the user2 has some files that end with a “space”, which popups an error message on user1’s Windows screen.

My server is a Banana PI (debian) with Seafile server 6.2.2.

I just discoverd the same, on a Mac however. Were you able to solve this issue?

Well actually I didn’t investigate further, I remember I just changed the name of one library in order to avoid conflict and it just restart working. But I don’t have this scenario anymore.

Ok, that does not work in my scenario.
I have two users (each one with an own seafile account as well as an own system account on the same machine (macOS 10.15)), which share one library, so it is not possible to rename it just for one user.

I use Seafile Client for Mac (7.0.10) and Seafile Server 7.1.5