Bugs and new features which we will appreciate


We found some bugs to resolve and improvements that would be great for Seafile next versions. I give you “my little” list, don’t hesitate to ask me more information if you need it. I think some bugs can be correct quickly, some new features would be great in future I just post here to thinking about it for improve the Seafile solution.
Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

Bugs :

  • In admin panel > Users > Admins, we can’t attribute all roles to a user in this page, we only have choice between default and guest roles
  • same problem when we create a user we have only guest and default roles choice
  • same problem with export Excel that report only default and guest role even if user have other differents roles…
  • In chrome browser I have a display bug when I “fly over” trash, download, share etc. icons the underline isn’t display or stay display on the first thing I “fly over”
  • Guest users stay “accessible” by web interface even if they are deleted : admin panel > “Invitations” click on user name. The only thing that allow us to understand that user doesn’t “exist” anymore is the avatar with red “?”
    To be sure we have to go into “users” part and research the user
  • Guest users : when we delete a guest user from admin panel, the user who has invit the guest, can’t invited him anymore… but someone else can… is it a wanted behavior ? another question bound to this, it would be very great to have a clear information anywhere about what is really made when we delete a user ?..
  • bash script reset-admin.sh : if we have change role of the admin user when we run the script it create a new user (don’t replace/rename the old one)
  • online preview is limited at 2 Mb (for example when I open a 5 Mo PDF it display a message like: “file size is over 2,0 Mo, so it can’t be display”) but I configure it with default value at 10 Mb…

New features (short-term and long-term) :

  • Web API : Get/change user role by web API
  • use of “joker” in shibboleth affiliation (joker = metacharacter like * or $ etc.) for example *@domain.com or *@domain.*
  • default role : define a parameter to choose the name of the default role / same thing for guest (currently it would be GUEST = guest / DEFAULT = default) but if we want to name it differently and have a lot of roles, “default” and “guest” are may be to restrictive…
    Maybe a default role for Shibboleth, for LDAP, for local account can be imagine too.
  • default quota allocation by role
  • role display in user parameter (but locked = display only) + hide the quota for user with role that can’t use it (can’t create library, etc.)
  • hide/remove “reset password” button (in admin and user panel) for user came from shibboleth or LDAP.
  • admin panel > user/groups/devices : sort by different column (email, status, role, space used, last login, etc.) + red color, or alert for user that are close to reach their quota + different filters (example : I want to see all user with role : abc)
  • statistics scripts or dedicated part in admin panel : it would be great to have a method to extract or visualize statistics about Seafile utilization evolution (number of access, of session, data growth, used quota average, etc.) maybe a set of information that can be downloadable in csv or Excel for example. Do you have already some “internal” solutions to obtain statistics for your own provider service ? some scripts, SQL requests or something else that can be shared with the community ?..

Thank you for the already made work and the future work,




This is quite a long list. :slight_smile: I reply one issue first

In pro edition, for preview doc/ppt/excel/pdf, there is another option max-size in seafevents.conf that controls the limit of files that can be previewed.

Yes :sweat_smile:

Yes I have max-size = 10 in seafevents.conf
But in web interface the limit still at 2 mb :confused:

Is it in the [OFFICE CONVERTER] section?

Yes the problem seems to be that I have “enabled = true” in [OFFICE CONVERTER] section on frontend nodes…

Now it seems to work with that :
On background task node :

enabled = true
workers = 1
max-pages = 50
max-size = 10

On frontend nodes :


Thank you