Bugs in Seafile Pro 10.0.6

Unfortunately there are several bugs in our Seafile Pro 10.0.6 version.

Tab named “Links” disappears
When clicking on libraries or folders in the share manager, the “Links” tab disappears completely.

Tabs in shares disappear when clicked
Exactly the same behavior as the point above occurs with the shares. If you click on a shared library, the link disappears.

Missing share permissions in drop-down list:
When clicking on the permission, the selection is missing completely.

Outliers from the ShadowBoxes
If you share a folder or a library, there are various menus that are displayed on the right outside the box. It’s not a functional bug but design-wise very unattractive.

I would be grateful if this is fixed as soon as possible, as a lot of our users also work via the web and we have already received some complaints.

kind regards

Thanks for reporting the issues. Please find my replies below:

I can’t reproduce the issue in several of our systems, including one with version Pro 10.0.6.

Missing share permissions in drop-down list:
Outliers from the ShadowBoxes

These two issues be fixed in the next release.