Byte-level read-write support

okay I am not familiar with the exact technical term to describe this feature, so I am gonna explain my thought by giving examples.

Say you have connected to a seafile library using a seafile client and want to watch a movie stored in the cloud. If that’s the case, the movie file has to be completely transferred to the local file system before being played. Or in another case the movie would be played instantly while the transfer happens sequentially in the background.

And there is no way like when connected to a remote smb drive, you can just skip to any point in the movie without transferring the entire file.

I’ve tested both the sync client and the seadrive client on this functionality, and both of them don’t seem to support what I proposed above. When working with Web API, there is no such action to request a single byte as part of a file in the cloud either.

I hope you understand what I meant. Is there a way to implement such a feature?

You request a streaming function.

Apparently, it works with some OSes. Have a look here: Should I be able to stream videos without having to download the entire file first? - #2 by rdb

not really a streaming service I suppose, as it doesn’t have to be equipped with an additional running service to serve the content. Like the post in the original thread, it’s just like smb, which has functions to return specific blocks/bytes of a file upon request. If seafile does support such feature, can you point me to the web api documentation that details the function to do so?

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