Can I mirgrate from Seafile Pro to Seafile Community edition if I will need more than 3 users

Seafile Professional Edition have Free plan for up to 3 users. If I deploy Seafile Pro on my server, but in future I will need more than 3 users - can I easily migrate my Seafile server setup from Pro to Community edition (with loss Pro features, but keep all my other configs and data)? I can’t find this answer in site info and FAQ.

It is not documented and maybe never will, at least not officially.

Answer is: Yes you can.


It is documented in the Manual here at the bottom:

But you have to remember you can only switch between Pro and Community having the same minor version.

Wrong. The First Topic is to migrate from the Community to Pro. At the bottom you will find the topic “Switch Back to Community Server” which shows how to go from the Pro to the Community Server

I have migrated from Community to Pro and then back again without any issue using the above linked docs.

Not sure how DerDanilo missed this documentation, it’s been in the manual forever :slight_smile:

Good that it’s there. Haven’t looked into the official manual for ages.