Can I share the client-side libraries on a dual-boot laptop?

I’m using Seafile on a bunch of PCs and laptops, all running Linux Manjaro, to synchronize multiple libraries. All is runnig well, but now I’m trying to use a different setup on a new laptop.
It will have a dual-boot configuration, i.e. EFI boot with Windows-10 and Linux Manjaro.
Because disk space is limited, I configured a separate NTFS disk partition to be used for all seafile libraries, by both seafile clients (Windows and Linux), whenever the corresponding OS will be booted.
I started with the Linux installation, it went smoothly, and the Linux seafile client initially downloaded all libraries from the server as expected.
But now, before installing the Seafile Windows client, I doubt if it will be possible to use these libraries when booting my Windows OS.
Will both Seafile clients (Windows and Linux) be able to use the “shared NTFS drive” where the libraries have been stored? Will the seafile-internal DB and index files be compatible between these two client installations?
Before proceeding, I would like to doublecheck if this is a supported setup!
Has anybody already done sth similar?
Any help is appreciated, thx.
Br Jost.