Can i use seafile to backup my phone - Android

Hi everyone,
i am new to seafile, and so far it looks like a great software.
but it looks like i can only sync photos using the android app?
am i missing something?i would like to automatically sync other folders.

At the moment the android app is not able to sync directories like the desktop client.

I work around this lack of functionality by using the WebDAV extension of seafile and FolderSync.



Thanks for this, as I already use FolderSync.

Does the extension allow us to write to an encrypted library?

Thanks in advance

At the moment this is not supported. Sorry.

Thats a shame, as we can’t write to an encrypted library in the official android app either.

Pity, as it makes the whole workflow a little pointless without it.

Technically it is NOT possible to securely implement it for WebDAV. One should not even use the webinterface if data is that important / confident.

Afaik the encrypted libraries have been natively integrated in the Android app.

Ok fair enough thanks.

Encrypted libraries are not implemented in the android app at all, thats the reason to seek the functionality elsewhere.

I cannot seem to find out if its a bug in the android app, or uploading to encrypted libraries was never implemented.

I ended up uninstalling my seafile server…seems like such a basic feature to add folder backup from android.
going to try syncthing

Tried it and it doesn’t support client side encryption, so still has the same issue.

This is wrong. The app supports client side encryption.

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Then it doesn’t work.

Bug also posted;

You wrote multiple times encrpyted libraries have not been implemented in the android app which is wrong.

It is not possible to upload photos to them using the photo upload (or doing other automatic stuff), though.

Perhaps you should read the threads as each and every time I am referring to UPLOADING to the encrypted libraries which HASN’T been implemented on android.

I don’t usually do the capitalised words but it seems to be the way YOU communicate.

Great, I can see files in the encrypted library but can’t upload anything to them from android.

Edit: To add, I don’t see anywhere mention of client side encryption ->

So does the client side encrypted file remain encrypted on the server in case of a server compromise, even if the file is not uploaded to an encrypted library?

Yes, sometimes - when I think one does not understand something - I do highlight certain important words.

I think you need to express yourself more precise.

Uploading to encrypted libraries is possible (don’t use them, but just tested it with an encrypted library). Furthermore it is possible using client side encryption (it can be enabled in the settings of the app).

What you’re talking about seems to be the picture / photo / image upload in specific. There it is not possible because it requires user interaction. One possible solution could be to allow storing the passphrase for certain encrypted libraries on the phone and allow the user to upload to those using the photo upload, but this is not implemented.

Just to clarify, there is no client side encryption setting in my latest android app? Only to decrypt server size encrypted libraries.

User interaction for auto upload? seems the ios app does it fine, so it seems bizarre this is somehow a problem on android.

‘So does the client side encrypted file remain encrypted on the server in case of a server compromise, even if the file is not uploaded to an encrypted library?’

Which version is it?

I don’t understand this question.


Which part do you not understand?

In 2.1.11 the option to enable client side encryption is in the security section of the settings. I do have the same version.

The sense of the question. The client encrypts the data as long as an encrypted library is being used.

Only three items in my security section are;

clear library password
auto clear passwords
encrypted library data decryption

None of which are to enable client side encryption.

Not sure what the ‘sense of the question’ actually means. If you are implying a nonsense question, perhaps you should read a definition of ‘client side encryption’ > Client-side encryption - Wikipedia

If you got that from my question we have no hope and I’ll move on.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

If you check/uncheck this item, you can switch between client side and server side encryption

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