Can not connect to server

ok, the server stuff seems to be running. When using non-default ports, seafile can be an extreme pain-in-the-ass. You need to have a reverse proxy in place (nginx) which handles the connections on some port (say: 81) and proxy_passes the traffic to another port. You then can then specify as server to sync with, as the traffic via port 81 gets proxied by nginx.

Usually, when installing seafile according to the official server manual this is done automatically for you (using port 80). Did you go through the steps there? You may need to adjust the line

    location / {


    location / {

If you have done it already, please post your nginx configuration (cat /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*)

@jonneymendoza, your problem could also be related to your client.
Try to remove your account in the client (click on the avatar -> choose your account -> delete)
Do this with all accounts that may be present. Then also delete ~/.ccnet/logs.
After that, create a new account with your IP address as server name ( Then look inside ~/.ccnet/logs/seafile.log.

Hi, I applied the default ports to my seahub and seafile server,
it worked!