Can not save markdown / text file on WebUI for Shared Libraries with advanced permission control

We have the following scenario

A Library is shared as “READ ONLY” to users within our organization.
This is important so no user can create subfolders in this Library.
Then we have folders in the top level of this library with each different R/W attributes for different users.

Every user that gets access to this shared library has per default read only access everywhere.
Users that have R/W permission to selected folders in the library can of course upload and write files.

The problem we have now is that even if a user has R/W access to a folder, she/he can NOT save a modified .md / .txt / etc file online in the browser.
syncing works - but not online save.

Either this is a bug or there is another solution to it.
From a security point of view if a user has R/W on any subfolder within a READ ONLY library, she/he should be able to modify the file also online, not only via sync/drive client.

We have observed this issue on
v7.1.7 (latest)

Maybe @Jonathan can help on this?

Any log messages from the server? seahub.log, ccnet.log and seafile.log.

no, I just checked the log files (all 3) while trying to save a .md file
There is on entry in the log files running seafile pro v7.1.7

It is easey to reproduce:

  • create a library and create a folder in this library
  • share the library as read-only with another user
  • set permission R/W on the folder
  • log in as the other user
  • create a new .md file (works)
  • edit the new .md file (or edit an old .md file) → fails!

the library is shared with “other” user as RO (read only)

only 1 subfolder is R/W which is what we want, correct

all subsequent subfolders are R/W, correct

but you can NOT save any file online as described above

anyone can confirm this issue?

@Jonathan can you confirm this behaviour?


We can reproduce this issue, we will fix it in the next release.