Can seaf-fuse run efficiently on a multi core processor?

I have to export several TB of data from seafile. I’ve mounted the libs with seaf-fuse. Now when rsyncing the data it takes quite a while. The bottlenek seams to be seaf-fuse, since its constantly on 100% CPU load. I have a machine with 8 cores, but load avarage is indicating that it just runs on one core. Is this the case? If so, I would change the CPU to a powerful single core.

Split the export into several streams, mount multiple libs and run multiple exports.
Don’t know if this works, just a thought.

Depends on the IO usage. If the disks are already utilized it won’t help, otherwise it could help.

Disk is not utilized at max. Load avg. would also indicate this. I remember that parallelizing e.g. rsync can bring a boost when rsyncing with network drives.

To mount multiple libs, I would need to clone the seafile server, or is it possible to mount with seaf-fuse on the same system with multiple locations?

I never tried mounting it at multiple times. Technically it should be possible.