Can seafile-cli be configured?

I didn’t see a category dedicated to the cli client, hope it’s OK to post here.

I’ve been using the cli client on a debian9 server. I’ve read the documentation at seafile-user-manual. At the bottom of this document it mentions the use of a command:

seaf-cli config -k download_limit -v 1000000

I’ve initially assumed that this would alter the ccnet.conf file, but after trying it a few times (I don’t give up easily) and monitoring ccnet.conf I finally had to admit that I was wrong. I then turned to the sqlite db files, took a peak at them with a sqlite viewer, but couldn’t find any evidence of them being modified by this command.

Can anyone tell me weather or not this command is supposed to modify the configuration and if so how and where it does? If it’s not designed to do that or it’s deprecated, does anyone know what config key/value pairs can be set and how to do that?

I realize that the cli client may not a high priority with the devs and the docs for it maybe even less so. Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated.