Can Seafile link into MS Sharepoint as an external backend

Hi Everyone -

I am trying to decide between Seafile or Owncloud. I need a solution which will link into SharePoint as a _backend_ - sorry - i should say as external storage - my company uses SharePoint from a global perspective [Global standards etc etc] but i am looking for a solution which fits local requirements. I therefore want to be able to access SharePoint libraries, documents for read purposes mainly. Owncloud and Nextcloud do have this possibility , but I am looking for a file sharing tool rather than another ‘groupware’ solution . Can anyone tell me if this feature exists?

Apologies if this is not the right area to post the question


What? Sorry but, this will make every Software unstable.

Hi Bionade24 , thanks for the reply - I have edited my original question to make my position clearer .Thanks fro the post

Trough Seafile?