Can this replace Google Drive/Photos

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Here’s my use-case, let me know if your software does something like this? I’m looking to replace my Google Photos. I have 500gb of photos/videos on my Windows 10 PC. My Windows 10 PC is always on and connected to the internet. I want to be able to view and share (links) to these photo/video files on my PC from other PCs and from my Android phone. I already have a file sync thing set up so when I take a picture on my phone, it gets automatically sent to my PC.

What I don’t want is all 500gb on my PC being sent back to my Android phone and to any other laptop/PC that I’m accessing. I don’t have 500gb storage on my phone. I’d like to be able to just view photos/videos on demand or thumbnails, much like Google Photos/Google Drive hosts it in the cloud. I’d like to use a folder on my always-on PC as a cloud folder in much the same way… Does your software do something like this?


In 2016, we realized that, given the ever faster network and still limited disk space on desktop computers, it will be very useful to allow users to access files on the cloud without syncing them to local disk. With this insight, we developed and released the Drive client for Seafile. It maps Seafile cloud storage as a virtual drive on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Similar features were then released by leading cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, in 2017. Up to the year of 2019, Seafile is the only on-premises file sync&share solution that provides this capability.

I’m planning on replacing google photos with , as it implements many of the same image recognition features, you might want to look into it. Seafile is at its most when you use it with data that doesn’t get overwritten too much (old versions of the filesystem are kept on the server unless manually removed), it handles all operations quite outstandingly in terms of file integrity. I’ve been using it to upload my photos from my phone, but it doesn’t offer many (err any) features as a solution for exploring and organizing uploaded photos.

It’ll be interesting to see how to make photoprism and seafile synergize, I’m guessing using seadrive to provide access to the photos shouldn’t be that difficult, although given how fuse works on linux it will not be possible to use containers.


Hello @fakuivan did you manage to make Seadrive and Photoprism work togheter?

No, sadly I haven’t had much time to research how to get this working, although now I’m also considering LibrePhotos.

I don’t know how that photo prism is setup or what expectations it might have - but perhaps this approach might be of use to you.

I use Rclone. Rclone mounts seafile libraries with the host OS and then your content basically behaves like a file system with what lever third part fooling you want to get in the mic. From your host system, you keep st interact with the content/files as if Seafile wasn’t really there for all intents and purposes. You can setup rclone to interact when the the lower level system tools, so setting it up to mount on boot, etc is a breeze.

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is this similar to seadrive?

You could think of it like that, exactly.