Can view files but can't download?

Hi All, my seafile server was working fine a few months back. I logged in recently to download some files but now I get an error. When I had it set to a domain, the error was “page could not be requested” I have since changed it back to a local ip and i’m getting “site can’t be reached”

I have tried updating both the SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT, but didn’t seem to help.


Hi Acorn,

Just to confirm, when I was having this issue, it was because my serverURL and SeafHTTP links in the system admin were different to the links in the and seafile.conf files, could you please double check these and let me know if you are still having any issues?

Hello, yes i made sure to match all of these

Hi Acorn,

Could you please do a network recording (through your browser) when you try and download the file and send this over?

(Feel free to block out any links or personal information)

Kind regards,