Can you create share links from web UI for encrypted libraries?

I’m a new user of the program and I don’t seem to be able to create a share link from any encrypted library using the web app (tested in Safari and Chrome). If I hover over a file in an unencrypted library I see the share icon to create a link, but in an encrypted library, the same does not happen. Is this expected?

Thanks for the help!

Server is on windows server 2008 if it matters.


for now, it is not possible to share a link of an encrypted library. As an encrypted library cannot be decrypted without the encryption password, you would need to share your private password to anyone receiving the share link.
I know there is the possibility to give an extra password, but this has nothing to do with the real encryption. That share password could be used for encrypting the real password only on the server, but I don’t really think that this will be done. It would be a great security risk to save the real password on the server that is holding the encrypted data.


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Thanks for confirming, got it!