Cannot change link permissions Seafile Pro 10.0.6

when creating a link, if I choose the ‘preview and download’ permission the link works normally.
if then i change the permission to ‘preview only’
it still works
but if I want to go back to the ‘preview and download’ or ‘Download and upload for library’ choice, the option no longer appears on the web interface.

you have to go back to the link creation page to make the change

Debian 11.7
MariaDB 10.11.4
Nginx 1.24.0

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will fix the problem soon.

I noticed another problem in the web interface, it is present on version 10.0.6 Pro and 10.0.7 Pro.
In the “Share Admin” section when you click on one of the 3 sub-folders “Libraries” or “Folders” or “Links” the “Links” link disappears.
the only way to make it reappear is to reload the webpage.