Cannot create share link


Recently I discovered, that creation of share links is no longer possible.

4 Error messages (“Error”) pop up and disappear automatically.
For each of those messages I get a new line in logs/seahub.log:
“2020-05-29 19:39:59,071 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /seafile/d/97b015dc85/”

This was a link to a fileshare I deleted some time ago (I know this, because it used to be my general “share stuff with people” link, which I had given an alias on my server).

Tried to dig into the issue:

  • share_* (i.e. share_fileshare) are empty, as I currently do have no shares.

So how does seahub look up the id of the long deleted share?

Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

I had the same problem with a long-deleted share recently. I had to uninstall the Seafile client (in this case, Windows), remove the seafile-data folder, and then reinstall Seafile… What the problem was that my local cache was still looking for the folder, but it wasn’t there… Before deleting a folder, you should unsync it first… I, however, did not… I simply deleted it from the web interface and did not bother with unsyncing it in the client first.