Cannot delete libraries

I can’t delete libraries via the Web-UI on my Server (v 7.04) on Debian 9.

When I try as owner of the library, after confirmation of the action I get the message “Failed to delete …”,
if I try as admin, i get the window- asking if i wish to delete - the yes-button is active but no action follows - the no-button works as expected.

I’ve done a GC on the server with no errors but still cannot delete libraries - any suggestions ?


Hi Ewald,

is it a display problem in the browser (meaning the libraries get deleted, but they are still shown in Seahub) or a “real” problem? If the latter, we need to find out if it is client or server-side. (I’d speculate it is on your client, but I don’t remember anyose reporting similar problems.)

Please empty the browser cache. Please also try with a different browser. Please also try with a different device (i.e., smartphone). Report back.

a) disabled proxy
b) used another browser (chromium)

c) used another device (win 10 - firefox)
b) used again another browser (win 10 - edge)

at both devices the same behaviour … delete not possible

If i delete a file in the synced folder it will get deleted in the repository.