Cannot download files or sync


This is my first post. I have been enjoying Seafile on my LAN for a while now, but I am wanting to access it outside of my home.

I have Seafile on its own machine and I have a raspberry pi running Nginx reverse proxy pointing towards the seafile server.

I can access Seafile from outside of my LAN, but I am unable to download or upload anything, I get the error saying “problem loading page”.
On the client it just says “server error”.

I have tried changing the “service_url” and “file_server_root” to my URL but I don’t know if Im doing the right thing.
The manual as far as I am aware gives some insight on what to do but I believe this is if for Nginx and Seafile to be on the same machine.

Has anyone managed the setup I am trying to accomplish?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have enough information to help you out on this issue directly, but maybe you can try using zerotier one (similar to hamachi, but it runs on pretty much anything and is open source), if you can successfully set it up there, replacing ip addresses and dns names should be enough

Thanks for some infomation, I just have a few questions as I have had no experence with hamachi or zerotier.

So zerotier creates a Vlan for my machines to connect to?
Is the LAN run through the zerotier servers?
Does this mean my machines always need to be connected to zerotier when Im outside my local network for this to work?

Woohoo I have figured it out!!!

For any one interested:

On the Nginx server I had not added the proxy pass to port 8082 the file server port, I had pointed it to port 8000 which is the seahub/web interface port. The seahub manual tells you this but I must of overlooked it, the community edition of the manual is where it clicked when I was reading it over.