Cannot download folder - size is too large

I am unable to download a large directory.

Changing max_download_dir_size on seafile.conf does not make a difference.

Is there another setting somewhere that needs to be changed? Failing that can I move the huge directory out of seafile and into the host machine’s file system (I am the admin).

You should be able to export the library using
seaf-fsck -E /path/to/export libraryID
This won’t really be a “move” but rather a “copy” from what I understand (I’ve never tried the command), so it might not be an option if space on the server is restricted…

Great, thank you for this. I will likely figure it out, but if someone can tell me how do I deduce a libraryID and the correct syntax for this command that would be great.

Never mind, I figured it out. I need to export the parent library, not just the oversize directory inside it. Library ID is found through the web interface as the part of the URL and it looks like hashed string, or via the seafile admin interface.