Cannot recreate library ("conflicts with an existing library")

I have a local folder, ‘C:/Shared/projects’, which I have been syncing. A couple of days ago the sync stopped working, don’t know why (it’s happened before). Anyway, rather than fiddle around trying to fix the corruption, I decided to recreate the sync from scratch. So I logged in via a browser and deleted the library ‘projects’ on the server (which this was synced with). In the client I then selected the folder ‘C:/Shared/projects’ and tried to sync it, but couldn’t do so because I got the error message “The path ‘C:/Shared/projects’ conflicts with an existing library”. So where is the data about this existing library kept, and how can I completely reset things so that I can start afresh?

You should run seaf-gc, then the problem should be definitely disappeared. But normally. this shouldn’t be a problem. On my SeaFile many users have libaries with the same Name, I never got problems caused of this

Unfortunately I am using Seafile provided as a service, by the hosting provider, so I do not have access to command line tools like seaf-gc.

Ah, Okay, so maybe it’s an issue by the provider? Did you contacted them?

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem. :frowning: