Cannot run/install SeaDrive - "Can't install driver"

Hey everyone.

I have installed SeaDrive 1.0.7 on Windows 10.
It looks to have installed fine, I choose a drive letter then it crashes with a SeaDrive exited unexpectedly error.

The log file says the following:
[09/09/19 22:52:14] seadrive.c(684): Starting SeaDrive client 1.0.7
[09/09/19 22:52:14] seadrive.c(686): SeaDrive client source code version ****************
[09/09/19 22:52:14] seadrive.c(709): rpc server started.
[09/09/19 22:52:14] seadrive.c(729): Mount virtual drive as removable disk.
[09/09/19 22:52:14] seadrive.c(750): Can’t install driver

I have done the basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Reinstalled
  • Removed old ProgramFiles/Seadrive + C/User/Seadrive folders
  • Removed Dokan Library
  • Run the installer as Administrator

If anyone has any ideas your help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: